Brenda Nagel, mother of Ethan on the CoordiKids program, Priestdale, Qld, Australia

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Prof. Dr. Johann DeBeer

To Whom it may concern

Even in today’s modern world many children are still experiencing problems with their Sensory Motor Skills. These problems impact negatively on their academic performance and on their emotional wellbeing.

I have recently been introduced to the work being done by Coordikids. Their innovative way of using online intervention to overcome the problems caused by poor Sensory Motor Skills is a great solution.
Their step-by-step program makes it easy for parents to rectify the identified problems at a very reasonable price, in the comfort of their own homes!

I recommend Coordikids because I know how important sound Sensory Motor Skills are. The way the program is structured makes it easy for parents to ensure that their children will be able to progress to the best of their abilities in the classroom as well as on the sports field. The successful intervention will also boost their morale and emotional wellbeing.

Yours Truly,

Prof. Dr. Johann DeBeer
MA, D. Litt, Ph.D.
Executive Chairman


CoordiKids (CoordiChild program) is a wonderful program for busy moms needing the most stimulation in a record time for all her kids at one time. The exercises only take 10 – 15 minutes a day but the benefits are endless. Besides the fact that your kids have your undivided attention for 15 minutes, which makes them feel very secure, the exercises benefit them at intellectual and physical levels. I use the exercises for my 6 and 3 year old simultaneously. The 3 year old can’t do everything yet, but enjoys it so much. You can also see clearly where there are areas you have to work more at or get some professional help. It is very easy to follow the exercises and it is explained very well. My children enjoy watching the videos and doing the exercises. The program works great because you don’t have to do all the fortnight’s exercises in the two weeks, you can split it up if your child can’t manage all of them. The previous week’s exercises stays on your profile for two years, so it is easy to go as fast or as slow as you and your kids want to. This also means you can take a break from exercising when they need it. Logging into the website is also very easy and you get an email to remind you of new exercises on your profile. I can really recommend Coordikids to all parents who take their children’s stimulation & general wellbeing seriously

Joreth Duvenhage
Durbanville, South Africa

I have been using the CoordiKids program with my children for almost a year now and can’t praise it highly enough. My children, especially my younger child who struggles with Sensory Processing, have thrived on the program. My younger child has increased his coordination tremendously as well as overcome a lot of his Sensory Processing difficulties.

The program is so easy, because each exercise is explained and demonstrated in a video, which makes it easy for anyone to copy. In addition, there is a printable check-list of the exercises for each Lesson Block as well as the equipment needed (which are generally all household items). I found the lesson list particularly helpful when trying to organize, schedule and remember the exercises that we had to complete. With a busy schedule, having the list there in the kitchen reminded me to actually do the exercises with the kids as well as quickly being able to run through them in my head to see when we could make the time to fit them it during the day.

My younger child, who couldn’t cope with changes, new people, too much noise, too much visionary stimulation and who, due to an early childhood illness, was late in his motor skills development, is now happily going to school, playing in a soccer team, playing cricket, tennis and golf – in fact he’s become a bit of a sports nut – and has a hand-eye and general body coordination that I envy him for.

Sarah Smart